We Love Lawyers We aren't just saying it, we really mean it. And we're pretty sure lawyers like us too. We are a legal technology company with smart, likable and experienced legal technology consultants and...
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Helping Law Firms Make Money & Save Time LawTech Partners was founded on the principle of providing technology support to the legal community in everyday, non-technical terms. We specialize in working with law offices to...
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Training Services

The Best Legal Technology Training Starts Here The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct require lawyers to keep current on more than just changes in the law. Lawyers also have a duty to keep abreast of...
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How to Own your Niche
Starting your own solo practice in a competitive area is hard enough; raising five kids while running your business is even harder. In this episode...
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Splitting the Difference: How to Change Locations
In December 2015, Barbara Leach shared how she managed to split office resources without causing office drama. In this follow-up episode of New Solo, host...
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The Difficulty of Switching Technology
Laptops are kind of like that greener grass; they always look shinier in someone else’s hands. But switching around your technology, whether it’s transitioning to...
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