Helping Law Firms Make Money & Save Time LawTech Partners was founded on the principle of providing technology support to the legal community in everyday, non-technical terms. We specialize in working with law offices to...
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New Solo Podcast

New Solo Podcast Adriana Linares hosts the New Solo Podcast on Legal Talk Network. Listen in as we discuss a range of topics from launching a solo practice to law practice management to law office software and technology. We talk...
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What Are You Waiting For? You know we love lawyers, so go ahead, make our day!   New Solo covers a diverse range of topics including transitioning from a law firm to a solo practice,...
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Legal Technology Consulting Done Right.

LawTech Partners is legal technology consulting and training company specializing in the legal profession. We pride ourselves in working face-to-face with our clients and developing long term relationships.

“Our experience comes from years of having worked in law firms, not just for them. Our legal technology consultants are experienced in the business and practice of law, document management, litigation support, training and end-user support.”

How to Own your Niche
Starting your own solo practice in a competitive area is hard enough; raising five kids while running your business is even harder. In this episode...
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Splitting the Difference: How to Change Locations
In December 2015, Barbara Leach shared how she managed to split office resources without causing office drama. In this follow-up episode of New Solo, host...
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The Difficulty of Switching Technology
Laptops are kind of like that greener grass; they always look shinier in someone else’s hands. But switching around your technology, whether it’s transitioning to...
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Technology Audits

A technology audit from LawTech Partners examines your firm’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure; and involves the collection and evaluation of the firm’s information systems, practices, business processes and operations.

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Security Training

Law firms can avoid or minimize privacy and data security issues with security training for attorneys and staff. Our email security and internet awareness training is a must by all law firms.

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Technology Training

Many of our webinars, seminars and training sessions are CLE accredited with the Florida Bar. Our sessions are technology CLE courses that focus on practical skills in typical and legal specific software, hardware and best practices.

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