We Love Lawyers.

We aren’t just saying it, we really mean it. And we’re pretty sure lawyers like us too. We are a legal technology company with smart, likable and experienced legal technology consultants and coaches. Our partners are Adriana Linares and Allan Mackenzie.

Adriana Linares

Adriana Linares

Adriana Linares is a law practice consultant and legal technology coach. After several years at two of Florida’s largest law firms, Adriana launched LawTech Partners in 2004. She has years of experience working with law firms, legal departments, legal aid groups and even legal technology startups.

 She is a frequent speaker at national technology conferences and a regular contributor to legal blogs and publications. She has a Bachelors in Geography from Stetson University, a Masters in Corporate Communication and Technology from Rollins College, and speaks fluent Spanish. Adriana is an IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist.

Today she serves as a technology consultant to the Florida Bar; is the Chair of the ABA TECHSHOW 2017, and serves on the board of the Florida Justice Technology Center. She hosts the New Solo podcast on Legal Talk Network.

Allan Mackenzie

Allan Mackenzie

Allan Mackenzie is a law practice management consultant and legal technology trainer. His experience ranges from that of a once night-shift word processor to a Wall Street IT Director. He has a specialty in litigation technology and support. Allan has acted as a systems architect and implemented many successful strategies. Allan has been able to successfully gauge and bridge gaps between legal and technology factions and create holistic solutions that move firms forward whether 6 or 600 strong.

As a former legal word processor he knows firsthand the user experience of work product. As a Microsoft Support Analyst and Worldwide Training Lead, he is steeped in the technological ins and outs of PC and server architecture, Active Directory and application customization. As a certified Clio, Netdocuments, ProLaw and TimeMatters consultant, he “speaks database.” He has overseen and implemented conversions of email, document management, telephony and accounting platforms (right down to the chart of accounts). As an IT Director, he has led the charge in multiple-year litigation with discovery volumes measured in terabytes. As end-user trainer, he has demystified Word Styles and the mouse’s right-click.

Speaking & Events

Our legal technology experts are regularly invited to speak and attend legal technology events and conferences. Ask us about speaking at your event.