Adriana’s Favorite Things

Hello and welcome! This page is full of my favorite (tried and true) technology gadgets, devices and tools. These are Amazon affiliate links so if you purchase by clicking on one, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a wee-tiny compensation for your purchase – kinda like a tip! Every penny helps me in purchasing more products and services that I can try and recommend (or not!).

**PLEASE NOTE thanks to a #WorkFromHome purchase-surge, some items are out of stock, or worse, inflated in pricing because people are unscrupulous. Be sure to shop around and Google the item for fair pricing and availability.

Gadgets for Your Tech Dopp Kit

Cameras and Scanners

(Normally about $70 but cameras are the new toilet paper so shop around but this is the model I use.) ScanSnap iX1500: Fujitsu’s Scansnaps have long been the favorites of law firms. This is the biggest model – it has a nice touch-screen. It’s about the size of a loaf of bread from your bread maker, scans double-sided color and is WiFi enabled (or USB). It quickly scans all common (biz cards, letter and legal size+). It has a 50 sheet feeder and scans about 30 pages per minute.
I keep this one on a shelf in my office (take up a little too much room on my desk). (Typically around $400)
ScanSnap S1300i : This is the midsize model of the Fujitsu ScanSnaps, I keep this one on my desk at all times. I use it to quickly scan receipts, business cards, 2-3 pages, double-sided color, up to 12 pages per minute. USB or AC Powered. ScanSnap iX100 :This is the smallest and most portable. I keep it in my carry-on or throw it in my roller briefcase. It scans single-side color, 300 dpi in 5.2 seconds. It’s can be wireless and/or powered by a USB. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and claims to scan up to 260 letter-size documents on a single charge

Headphones w Microphones

Logitech H650E: These are my day to day headphones.BlueParrot B450: I love these with my iPhone. Apparently, they are popular among truckers so they have good noise-cancelling and long battery-life. (I got them on sale at Best Buy for $99)
Bose 700: These can be used with via Bluetooth or connected USB. They are great for calls because they have excellent noise-cancelling through the ear pads AND the microphones. They do not have a mic boom, the mics are located in the ear pad. (Typically $400) Jabra Evolve 75: The are a little less than the Boes and sit ON my ears rather than over. These are a little lighter on the head over time.

Sit / Stand Desks

This is a simple “pop up” sit/stand platform. This is one the I use at my cube at the San Diego County Bar. I just manually pull it up or down using it’s hydraluic handles. It’s easy and good for a light load – a laptop and even a second monitor. This is the one I use at my home office in New Orleans. It’s much more robust than the pop-up. It’s electric and goes up and down with a toggle button. This one I needed for my all-in-one computer that weighs about 30lbs. When you are shopping for one of these, consider the size / amount of real estate you get with the keyboard platform. I wanted enough room my mouse and a small notepad.
This is like the Ikea sit/stand desk I have at my home office in L.A. The entire desktop goes up and down electronically. This one is just pretty 😉