Clio – Getting Help with Court Rules by CalendarRules

August 13, 2020
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For rule content or date calculation questions, please email the Rules team at and include the following information:

• The citation to the rule (required) on which the calculation is based, or the question it is referring to

• The jurisdiction that you are trying to calendar in (required)

• The trigger or event in question, or what trigger you are looking for

• Any additional information e.g., what date you entered, what result(s) you got, what dates or events you were expecting to see, what you were trying to find

To order ‘new’ courts, ones that are not currently available on their court list, please provide a link or pdf to the specific rules for that court. If they can/will build it, they’ll let you know an estimated completion date, typically 30-45 days, sometimes sooner. The new court requests should be sent to  Please note that we add new courts to our court list every month so check back often.

Contact Info:

Stacy Saliman

Director of Customer Services

(925) 322-0424


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