March 5

How Michael Downey Started His Solo Practice

In this episode of New Solo, Adriana Linares interviews legal ethics attorney Michael Downey about the solo practice he started in 2015. Together they discuss why he decided to leave a big law firm to start his own law practice, the decisions he had to make, and how he dealt with everything from choosing technology to successfully parting ways with his old firm. Downey talks about the research he did with different practice management tools, the process of deciding on a name and buying relevant URLs, and his decision to use Apple computers in his practice. Although he already had a client base that he believed would stay with him, he marketed his new business by collecting articles he had written, developed his mailing list, and updated his LinkedIn account. For those struggling with the decision of starting a solo practice, Downey’s experience is a useful place to start. Special thanks to our sponsor, Solo Practice University.



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