NetDocuments Resource Page (for LTP Clients)

1) Installing NetDocuments Components (Windows)

  1. Begin by saving all your work and close all programs (especially Microsoft Office apps and PDF tools).
  2. Click each of the links below (one at a time) to download and install Windows desktop components for NetDocuments. Simply run through the install wizards accepting all settings and prompts. Do one at a time!
    1. ndOffice
    2. ndClick for Windows
    3. ndSync
    4. ndMail (for Outlook users only)
  3. Restart your computer. Do not just log out, fully shut down and restart your computer.
  4. Upon logging back in, look for the ndOffice Activity Center in your System Tray (right corner of your monitor by the system time). Click on it, to be prompted to log into your NetDocuments account. You should also see two other ND icons – one for ndSync and one for ndClick. Click on each an if prompted, log in using your ND credentials.
  5. If you are an Outlook user, launch Outlook to load ND components (look for ND button on the Home ribbon). Launch Word to confirm ND components are installed (go to File > Save As > Look for ND Save button).

2) Installing NetDocuments and Office Apps on Your iPhone or iPad

Be sure to visit and read this resource page from NetDocuments about their mobile apps and how they work.

  1. Search for the ND app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices in respective app stores. Quick links:
    ND apps for iOS it on the iTunes app store
    ND app for Androids on the Google Play Store
  2. Download, install and log into Microsoft Office apps for mobile devices. You should be logging into those apps with your Office 365 account. Please note, at this time, there is NO direct integration between ND mobile and the Outlook mobile app (only Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as of now).
  3. To connect ND to Word: Open the Word app and navigate to “Open” > Add a Service > Find NetDocuments in the list and click to login using your ND credentials. Be sure you have logged into Word using your Office 365 credentials.

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