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NetDocuments – Opening / Linking a Clio Matter in NetDocs

Every Clio Matter that you would like to be linked to NetDocuments must be configured manually and should be done when the Matter is initially opened in Clio.

  • Open the Clio Matter and click on the “Documents” sub-tab and choose “NetDocuments”
  • A window with options to “Link Contact” and “Link Matter” will appear. If the Client has not yet been created in NetDocuments, click on “Create a new Client in NetDocuments”.  Then choose “Create” and enter a name for the Client, it should be the same as the Client (ie Person or Company name) from Clio.
  • You will see the Client is now linked and do the same for the Matter name. This Matter is now linked to NetDocuments so Documents that are uploaded in either interface will show in the other.  You may see folders automatically created based on your Workplace Template Settings.

From Clio: How to Use NetDocuments Integration with Clio

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