Personal Technology Coaching

Our technology coaching services are  focused on individual lawyers  who value the impact that technology can have on their business and personal life. We can be retained both by individual lawyers and by law firms.

While many law firms are enjoying the benefits of a healthy economy they are facing new challenges when it comes to technology. where the ability to generate work and do things better, faster, and cheaper has become even more essential.

Unfortunately, many law firms are short on internal resources to teach lawyers how to manage or market more effectively. Furthermore, billable hours and marketing pressure have made senior partners less available to mentor up-and-coming associates. Those who work for small firms or practice as solo attorneys are largely on their own, with no idea where to get advice when issues arise.

Continuing legal education programs and other outside training can provide some of the solution, but for most of us, attending a few seminars and reading a few books is not enough to help us through the various stages of our careers. Technology coaching with LawTech Partners is a way to bridge the gap.

Package 1

Program Duration: 6 Months
Session Frequencey: 1 Hour Every Two Weeks