October 20

Polish and Perfect Your Legal Writing Skills

As a lawyer, you write a lot. Whether it’s a contract, report, proposal, or even just a long email, your writing needs to be professional and clear of errors. In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares talks to Ivy Grey and Daniel Heuman of Intelligent Editing’s PerfectIt about the editing services that their product offers and how it helps lawyers on a daily basis. They also discuss the importance of technology competence for lawyers and share their favorite apps and tips to saving time and effort in your business.

Ivy B. Grey is the author of “American Legal Style for PerfectIt,” and is a senior attorney at Griffin Hamersky LLP.

Daniel Heuman developed PerfectIt, an add-in for MS Word that finds mistakes that spelling and grammar checkers can’t find.

Special thanks to our sponsors, ClioAnswer1PerfectIt, and Unbundled Attorney.



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