Helping Law Firms Make Money & Save Time

LawTech Partners was founded on the principle of providing technology support to the legal community in everyday, non-technical terms. We specialize in working with law offices to help them stay informed of and current with practice management technology. We have been servicing the legal community without geographic bounds for over 20 years. Our consultants specialize in working with lawyers and law firms to select and implement traditional and legal-specific software such as document management systems, practice management systems and common desktop software.

LawTech Partners is a full-service legal technology consulting company. Our clients include law departments, legal associations and law firms ranging from solo’s to some of the largest law firms in the world. Our services are tailored to suit your organization’s need.

Practice Management Consulting

Many law firms both ignore technology and do just enough to “get by”, or they haphazardly implement the latest and greatest without a plan. As technology and business demands change we like to work closely with clients to arm them with the information required to make intelligent decisions about office technology.

Technology and Security Audits

  • Technology Audits: A technology audit from LawTech Partners examines your firm’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure; and involves the collection and evaluation of the firm’s information systems, practices, business processes and operations. Read more about our legal technology audits.
  • Security Audits: Law firms can avoid or minimize privacy and data security issues with a security audit. We work to identify risks and help law firms adhere to specific guidelines when handling confidential information.

Interim / Outsourced CIO Services

A law firm’s success in IT requires leadership with both technological know-how and a strategic perspective. LawTech Partners has the proven ability to deliver that rare combination of legal IT operations experience and. We provide interim, supplemental and fully outsourced CIO (Director of IT / IT Manager) services. We deliver leadership with the experience and capacity to transform a law firm’ IT capabilities, aligning technology investments with business goals. Our success comes from our pragmatic approach that leverages years of governance in different law firms spanning various sizes and reaching across the country. Read more about our CIO services.

Managed Training Services

We create comprehensive and managed training solutions that are directly aligned with the business goals of every law firm. We will design and implement future-proof, sustainable, flexible solutions that result in retained performance.

  • Click here to read more about our legal technology and law office software training services.
  • Click here to see a list of our most typical and requested training sessions – many are offered with Florida Bar CLE.

Clio Consulting & Netdocuments Implementations

We offer Clio and Netdocuments consulting. Clio is a subscription and web-based legal practice management system. Clio includes a full suite of practice management tools targeted specifically to the needs of sole practitioners and small firms. Read more about Clio.