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Email Management for Lawyers: Managing Client, Case, Contact Information (50 Mins – 1 General Credit)

Failure to respond, failure to communicate, failure to supervise and missed deadlines are the leading malpractice claims that plague today’s lawyer. Learn how the most powerful email and information managers can help you better organize emails, contacts, calendars and tasks avoid malpractice claims.

  • Managing email messages from clients, colleagues and contacts
  • Organizing contact information
  • Working with calendar: sharing calendars with clients; creating, managing and sharing trial calendars; calculating dates (tickling); setting up alerts, reminders to avoid missed deadlines; creating recurring events to send regular communications to clients
  •  Assigning and managing tasks and deadlines to support staff

*This course is typically delivered using Microsoft Outlook, the concepts and processes are applicable to many email programs and services.

Creating Outstanding Legal Documents (50 Mins – 1 General Credit)

Creating legal documents is a part of every lawyer’s day to day practice. Knowing how to take advantage of a word processors powerful automation and document development features can help any lawyer serve their clients more efficiently and with minimized errors in their document products.

  • Formatting pages & paragraphs in complex legal documents
  • Storing and retrieving boilerplate text to minimize grammatical errors
  • Finalizing the document, checking for hidden information and metadata

* This course is typically delivered using Microsoft Word, the concepts and processes are applicable to many word processing programs.