ABA TECHSHOW Today: The Women of LegalTech

Adriana co-hosts an episode of TECHSHOW today with Dennis Kennedy. Hear words of encouragement and support from some of the leaders and experts of the legal tech space… who also happen to be women. They discuss what skills the legal tech industry needs the most right now, the importance of acknowledging women as the experts they are, and how they are building a community of legal tech women that support each other, all while sharing tips for young women seeking to succeed in a male-dominated workplace.

ABA TECHSHOW Today: Securing Law with Blockchain

Adriana co-hosts an episode of TECHSHOW today with Dennis Kennedy. Once you understand it, you start seeing the potential applications for blockchain everywhere. And there’s no better guests to help you understand how blockchain works than David Fisher and Trent Carlyle. Tune in as they talk about the various applications of blockchain, how it establishes security and authenticity, and how their companies are currently allowing blockchain to add functionality to their existing software.

What to Expect at TECHSHOW 2017 – 3/17/2017

In the final LIVE report from TECHSHOW Today, ABA TECHSHOW 2017 co-chairs Tom Mighell and Debbie Reynolds join hosts Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best to wrap up TECHSHOW, discuss the changes that are in store for next year (the conference will be moving to a new hotel), and what to expect from the 2017 conference. The interview gets a couple of very special guests: ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Chair Adriana Linares and her furry sidekick (and newly crowned TECHSHOW Today mascot) Rebel, adopted directly from the exhibit hall floor.

How TECHSHOW and Technology has Evolved – 3/16/2017

Kennedy-Mighell Report Host Dennis Kennedy is joined by Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida Executive Director Kimberly Sanchez, The Florida Bar Technology Chair John Stewart and 2017 ABA TECHSHOW Chair (and New Solo host) Adriana Linares discuss the history of ABA TECHSHOW, how legal technology has evolved, and more.

Kimberly Sanchez touches on President Trump’s proposed budget which completely eliminates legal aid and how it would affect the market (Sanchez says it accounts for 50% of her organization’s funding).