New Solo Podcast: What Storms May Come: Preparing your Firm for Natural Disaster

Maybe you’ve built the perfect practice, but you still never know when a natural disaster could tear it all down. Many lawyers have struggled to recover from disastrous hurricanes and fires, often not knowing how to put the pieces of their business back together. In this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares and co-host Jack Newton talk to Renee Thompson and Zack Zuroweste about how law firms can prepare for and recover from natural disasters. They discuss switching to the cloud in order to eliminate the loss of physical files, ensuring your backups are actually saving everything you need, and the ability to be mobile and take your office with you in a pinch.

Zack Zuroweste is a trial lawyer and shareholder at PersanteZuroweste, and has served eight years on the Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors.

Renee Thompson is a mediator at Upchurch Watson White & Max and serves as The Florida Bar Board of Governors Fifth Circuit Representative.

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